Come see 10 BLOCK on Product Hunt today & let us know what you think

SXSW 2019 named us a top-10 cutting edge company this spring. Now come see our direct-to-consumer mobile streaming platform like no other at the early adopter emporium Product Hunt today, watch our movies for free, and tell us what you think.

Speaking on a panel at Digital Hollywood's Creativity Festival

Will you be at Digital Hollywood's Creativity Festival next week in Los Angeles? As 10 Block’s cofounder I will be speaking on a panel at the Women's Summit about content -- from film/TV, internet video and influencer campaigns to games -- Wednesday at 12:30.


10 Block is a place for reviewers

Jose is a filmmaker and movie enthusiast and he’s also a curator for 10 Block. Here’s what he’s reviewed, and a peek at what he’s watching now.

Get the app to see what’s on Jose’s watch list, and what recommends.

The app is in the app stores, this is a soft-launch as we build the library and community in the app for a general launch in New York City in the months ahead. Here’s where you can download the app to your phone. Try it, let me know.

Second Screen featured in Europe's leading magazine for media & entertainment industry

In January I took a cofounder & COO role in Second Screen, a mobile startup in LA's Silicon Beach that aims to become the Netflix of bite-size series. Europe's magazine for the media & entertainment industry interviewed us for their May issue when they took a look at the adoption of second screen technology and other rapidly growing areas of mobile content.

Today they made the Second Screen app their cover star. Thanks to TVB editor Jenny Priestley for the interview of Second Screen's founder & CEO Estella Gabriel.

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 9.38.31 AM.png

"Wouldn't the clever idea be to create an app where viewers can watch content but also comment about it?" asks TVB Europe's editor in her note prefacing the magazine.

Estella talks about social discovery: "Instead of an algorithm like Netflix has, we use a referral system. You can see what your friends are watching."

You can read the whole issue here.