Dreamers & Doers

Speed Advice Clinic for Female Founders

This was a fun day, meeting female founders and hearing what you're up to, like

and what you're up against, for instance

  • product/market fit
  • VC or no C
  • marketing technology in human terms
  • CRM
  • how to be a better boss to yourself
  • finding the next platform for your market

Some notable quotes:

"Give people tools to reach their own goals."

"I want to bridge the gap between science and art."

"Charge. With a new venture, there's no precedence for getting it free. Make money as soon as you can. Everything costs."

"Roadmaps are a symptom of distrust."

"Survey your existing customers to get a description of your product in human terms other customers will recognize. Outsource the writing of case studies in an authentic voice."

"By 2020 50% of the population will identify as freelancers."

"Get champions for your community, beach heads that bring in others."

Thanks for coming out, and here's to your next steps!

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