GlobalNiche's Lean Canvas

problem#individual customers 1) overwhelmed using the internet 2) isolated 3) don't know how to connect to opportunities 4) don't recognize their value - what they have to offer 5) don't recognize their uniqueness 6) don't know how to get help or learn new things 7) know they're meant for bigger things. #Groups/Communities - Figure head identifies the problem: what's next? stunted group, don't know how to get the word out - platform to talk about their work, support to pioneer new careers, #expats 1) isolated 2) don't know how to find their "people"

solution #individual customer:  1) get them into a place where they can test how to use the internet 2) create a space where they are not isolated - safe community 3) guiding/equipping them with how to create a web platform 4) they can see what they have to offer by establishing their webplatform 5) Using the internet for answers they need (self-reliance) #Groups/Communities - show figure head of group how to activate their community - around what they are bonded around

UVP #individual customer Achieve what you want by combining who you are and what you have...the #GlobalNiche method shows you how #Groups/Communities achieve what the group wants by combining who you are with what you have...the community is a macro of individual

customers #individual Customers 1) entrepreneurial types: solo-preneurs, freelancer, self-employed #Groups/Communities 1) tech women 2) young women lawyers 3) multiculturalists/displaced nationals 4) entering/re-entry job market 5) global executives