VIP Mentor & Coach at Berkeley Law's PitchLab Workshops

Thrilled to be joining these speakers, coaches and founders at UC Berkeley PitchLab Workshops this spring.

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The series of workshops for founders who attend Berkeley Law workshops is run by my fellow SCET-BMOE pitch judge George Kopas, and the PitchLab Leadership Team*,  will address

  • pitch deck models,
  • elements of startup eco-systems,
  • case studies from successful startups,
  • coaching and mentoring for effective pitching, and
  • founder and startup eco-system pointers.

The program will also include guest speakers - VCs, founders, judges, mentors, others - sharing their insights about elements of successful entrepreneurial efforts.

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* The PitchLab Leadership Team
Silvia Segade Sanz, LLM, 2018 Berkeley Law
Felipe Saraiva Carneiro, LLM, 2018 Berkeley Law
Dax viviD, PhD UC Berkeley
Bruno Droghetti Magalhães Santos, LLM, 2018 Berkeley Law
Noha Yasmine, LLM, 2018 Berkeley Law
Luisa Scarpelli, LLM, 2018 Berkeley Law
Carlota Sáenz Guillén, LLM, 2018 Berkeley Law
Victoria Howell, Newton Distinguished Innovator Lecture Series; former Director, SCET Bootcamps, UC Berkeley