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Job Seekers & Career Pathfinders: Identifying Our Assets Is Just One Part Of The Puzzle

At my GlobalNiche LinkedIn group, I've been talking with , a soft skills trainer and interpersonal communication coach at Knowboundaries Coaching and Training...

Stephenson writes, "In building the resources and opportunities its important to use all our skills and talents built up over the years, tasks which we carried out excellently in the past may be redundant now - but the skills are transferable, and its well worth recalling those skills and acknowledging them."

My response:

Acknowledging our skills and talents is good. But it's not enough to "remember" things we did that were extraordinary -- we also have to communicate them. That has to be part of the plan, too, especially if we're hunting for employment or want to be found.

How do we best demonstrate that for the greatest impact in our career and life satisfaction opportunities?

The work I do with GlobalNiche stresses that identifying our valuable content is just one part of the puzzle. We need to be active in our fields and interests regardless of whether or not we are employed by someone else to operate in those fields. In general, the concept of building a global niche is about creating a platform for yourself to cultivate your opportunities.

If I were looking for a job in this tough market, I'd be doing exactly what I am already doing with my own global niche -- sharing and participating and being visible with who I am and what I am interested in and what I've done in the past and what I am doing now and what I am aiming to do in the future.

I'd be my own ideal candidate.