Toni Morrison

At Home In The Body

Getting out of our head is a fab way to both calm the inner [com]motion, slow down that ultraprecious commodity *time*, and get out into the world...who knew!? +++++ AT expat+HAREM, and AROUND THE WORLD & AROUND THE WEB

An American erotica artist in Germany Tatiana von Tauber confesses she paints in the nude to get back in touch with her most life-loving senses when expat circumstance (3 kids in a hotel room for a month, anyone?) overwhelms her.

If "the body is the real and final home" as writer Toni Morrison says, a whole troupe of Third Culture Kids find a new sense of belonging when they throw their global souls into this multidisciplinary dance performanceDancing their way home. Lucky people in Toronto can catch choreographer Alaine Handa's "Chameleon" at the Fringe Festival this month.

And finally, at Psychology Today, creativity consultant and yoga proponent Jeffrey Davis illuminates why feeling at home in the body makes us flexible and inventive, focused and calm, vital and connected to our emotions.

Moving our bodies makes us all the ways we hope to be alive in the world.

It helps us process where we've been, who we are, when and why we were lost, where we're going now. And why we love it. +++++ YOUR THOUGHTS

So many of us are mobile, or in personal or professional transition. How do you make sense of movement and change? How do you retain the assets you've established?

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