Your Network Is Your Net Worth By Porter Gale

Tanya Monsef Bunger, Porter Gale, Anastasia AshmanFun morning at the Social Media Breakfast East Bay Meetup. My GlobalNiche team member Tanya Monsef Bunger and I were at the headquarters of Lithium to meet former Virgin America marketing head Porter Gale talk about her new book Your Network is Your Net Worth: Unlock the Hidden Power of Connections for Wealth, Success, and Happiness.

Porter gave us all free copies of her book because she knows influencers when she sees them.


Smaller degrees of separation with social tech users (only 2 or 3 degrees separate us from each other now) + larger spheres of influence = accelerated networks.


That's only going to increase with upgrades in the technology, said Porter.

And, I would add -->  upgrades in how we're using the existing and coming technology. We the users are going to make the most difference in how accelerated our networks become. It's about that whole connected divide conundrum.

And, basically, since all good things come through our network (in a tough economy more jobs are landed through internal referrals) and we're now relating to people based on online personas, it's imperative to take online network building seriously --  and our online personal brand as the valuable evolving key that it is.


That's pretty much my mantra too, as you may have guessed. Porter's speaking my language.

I came to it very differently than she did in corporate marketing. I was using online presence, personal branding and global community building as a survival skill during my 14 years as an expatriate, and tapped my entertainment industry & media background to arrive at content marketing as a method. But here we are, on the same page.