Thinking About Community Study Groups

my rough notes for GlobalNiche community study groups, the obstacles they mean to solve:  

not sharing what i am doing with community. not sharing what the community is doing with my wider network many to many, leader doesn't need to be there for ppl to talking to each other

leader has identified set of interests, etc. ppl gathered for that. we're going to facilitate access community gets to itself. connecting to ppl regrardless of where there are on ground and regardless where they are on line -- reason for connection is relevance/community=relevance.

we're faciliating connection. out of those connections come collaboration, dissemination

problem community leaders have ppl drift away or dont have time for them fight is for attraction and relevance nad activity and energy. growth. sustainability.

were going to make your community successful. the ppl inside it fulfilled and connected. were giving them the tools for that.

the community is distributed and virtual itself.

the movement the commtnyt meant to foster becomes visible and palpable. and its distributed everywheere. where all its ppl are. not just in this walled space.

high octane together, but what they bring out side is valuable to others

they are not alone/