When You Ask For A RT, Give Us Something That Stands On Its Own

I got a message from an organization I am associated with. They want people in their community to retweet their live coverage of an event. Great, I'm all for it.

But then I took a look at the choices. There weren't any original tweets from their official account that made sense to retweet.

One of the keys to sharing and resharing on Twitter is that a tweet has context and verve and clarity. I couldn't find anything like that to RT.

Tweets suitable for retweeting have to stand on their own and include all the information needed to be understood. They need to be in decent, understandable English/whatever language you're using with specifics other than "amazing".

Some suggestions for any organization to deepen impact on Twitter for both live-tweeting of events and general practice:

  • Whoever's dedicated to tweeting can prepare some of the tweets in advance based on preparatory materials so they read well.
  • Any person being tweeted about should be referred to by their Twitter handle, that's how people get found on Twitter. Look up everyone's handle in advance if need be.
  • Use other hashtags besides your own organization's because people may not be looking for that. This is a good way to catch the attention of people who may not have ever heard of your organization. Use a few tag related to what you're about, like #entrepreneurs #women #leadership #inspiration, etc.