Another great BMOE bootcamp at UC Berkeley!

This semester, besides #mentoring the teams, I was pleased to give a talk on promoting your product, and run a practice pitch group for seven teams, including the winner of the boot camp, MyPersonalStylist, a company from Brazil.

Here are a few:

Scenes from an afternoon at The Collider Cup

The semester is over! Time for an all-star pitch competition at the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, run by Melissa Glass.

Along with cojudges Stephen Torres from UCB, Luke Kowalski of Oracle, and Peter Nachbaur from Keen IO, I was honored to judge the afternoon Fall Showcase at UC Berkeley. 

We heard and gave feedback on all-star business pitches from teams from various classes with distinct approaches:

Technology Entrepreneurship, and the Management of Technology Innovation Program with Naeem Zafar, 

Product Management with Ken Sandy,

and finally, some familiar-to-me teams (hi, Acuity & CoffeeX!) from the Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp with Gigi Wang.

Some highlights:

  • A venture using CRISPR technology to solve an unsustainable aquaculture practice -- feeding farmed salmon with fish oil that is too high in unhealthy Omega acids.
  • A peer-to-peer investing tool to tap into the most successful fund managers who happen to be regular joes. 

Judging the all-star Collider Cup at UC Berkeley

Excited to be a pitch judge for this all-star event at UC Berkeley next week!!


The Collider Cup is Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology's all-star showcase of the best student teams from Fall 2017.

Teams pitch to panels of professors, investors and industry experts as they vie to win the grand prize, the Collider Cup!

Thanks to Gigi Wang for the invite.

#startups #venture #ColliderCup #UCBerkeley 

"A practical, empathetic and effective mentor"

Thanks Jeff Abbott, VC and founder of the Global Scaling Academy, for this fab recommendation at LinkedIn!

"She’s a practical, empathetic and effective mentor whose broad experience and constructive feedback allow her teams go on to perform in the top tier, while also improving the overall program she is a part of."

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 2.17.22 PM.png

Building a multidisciplinary engineering program for scale need to systematize the curriculum and delivery.

Here's a day of Challenge Lab training led by Ken Singer at UC Berkeley, to get a set of potential instructors for 2018 on the same page.


This was a really fun day! Got to connect with my fellow European Innovation Academy mentors Tommaso Di Bartolo, Mike Kyriacou & Stephen D. Torres, among other new friends & colleagues.

A delegation from Finland was also there, because this multidisciplinary Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology class in the engineering school is being built for scale. Really cool to see it happening and take part. 

Named "one of the best mentors" at 2017 accelerators

This is music to my ears!

Thanks to

  • academic advisor Selvi Kannan in Management & Innovation at Victoria University, Australia
  • Gigi Wang, director of UC Berkeley's Sutardja Center for Technology & Entrepreneurship

for passing on the feedback they received from their startup teams (both students and experienced professionals) at accelerators where I was pleased to mentor this summer.

Joining StartersHub Istanbul as a mentor & advisor

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 4.25.25 PM.png

So pleased to share that I've joined StartersHub as a mentor and adviser.

Based in Istanbul, StartersHub is a world-class entrepreneurship platform acting as a catalyst in Turkey and the EMEA region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. StartersHub offers startups funding, mentorship, networking and strategic partnership support as well as an inspiring work place at the heart of Istanbul's business district.

StartersHub also runs industry-specific programs with strategic partners in Financial Technologies, Gaming, Life Sciences, Internet of Things and Big Data. 

A few photos from my quick trip to Istanbul and the StartersHub office this summer: